The Objects for which the association is established are :

  • To aid and develop pharmaceutical education in all its branches and to co-ordinate the functioning of all the district associations of Chemists & Druggists in Maharashtra.
  • To Promote the scientific study of all branches of drug trade industry and allied trades and with a view there to establish, maintain or help in the establishment or maintenance of medical and pharmaceutical organizations, laboratories, research arrangements, seminars refresher courses and also foundation and endowment of studentships or scholarships and to take over the management of such associations formed for similar objective.
  • To encourage and assist the drug trade, industry & allied trades in the diffusion of useful knowledge by arrangement and provision of rooms holding of exhibitions, meetings and conferences, lectures, printing and publishing of news paper, periodicals, journals, bulletins, leaflets, books, publishing house circulars etc.
  • To collect and circulate statistics and all other such information relating to the drug trade industry and allied trades.
  • To establish and maintain or to help in the establishment or maintenance of libraries and reading rooms for general use of the members of the association and all those engaged in the drug trade, industry and allied trades.
  • To take necessary steps to safeguard the interest of the public in all possible ways particularly against misbranded, sub-standard or spurious drugs and medicines or help in the undertaking of legal action in such matter singly or in co-operation with others.
    to promote and protect the interests of drug trade and allied lines in Maharashtra and of persons engaged therein.
  • To promote the development of pharmaceutical trade.
    To elect or nominate representatives to legislatures, public or private bodies, committees etc.
  • To subscribe to or become member of and co-operate with or amalgamate either wholly or partially with All India Association of Pharmaceutical and/or allied trade, wiz (AIOCD) whether incorporated or in part similar to those of this association or to help them financially.
  • To alter, extend or abridge any of the purposes mentioned in the memorandum accept any other purposes as may think fit by the association.
  • To develop and maintain friendly relations amongst its members and all persons engaged in the pharmaceutical trade and allied trades and profession and also government medical, mercantile or other public or private bodies individuals.
  • To maintain and establish uniformity in rules, regulations usages of the trade and the profession.
  • To undertake or help in undertaking propaganda or publicity work in any part in any way on behalf of the trade and also all merchandise, singly or along with others.
  • To form or constitute or take over any "chain of medical stores" or any pharmaceutical marketing unit or co-operative trading and marketing society.
  • To acquire or purchase or buy exclusive marketing rights or marketing rights of any pharmaceutical or healthcare product or products. (new additions)
    • In order to achieve the above objects 'the association' shall have the following powers.
    • To acquire, purchase, lease, hire or otherwise, lands, buildings, and other property movable or immovable to construct, maintain or alter any house, buildings or lands or works necessary for the purpose of the association as it might think necessary from time to time.
    • To accept request, gifts, donations and subscriptions or provide funds or endowment for the benefit of 'the association' or for any specific purpose as it might think fit.
    • To sell, let out, improve, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage or dispose off or turn to account otherwise deal in or with property of 'the association'.
    • To invest all monies not immediately required for the purposes of its business upon such securities or in such manner as may from time to time and to make donations as and when think fit by it.
  • To organize extensive lectures, seminars, refresher courses by eminent persons in the field of medicines, pharmacy and allied subjects and specialized ailment diagnosis methods.
  • To organize suitable medical relief in areas affected by malnutrition epidemics and other natural calamities. (Tours for omitted)
    • To borrow or raise money required for the purpose of 'the association' upon such terms and in such manner and on such securities as may be determined.
    • To make, accept, endorse, execute issue and negotiate promissory notes, bills of exchange debentures and other negotiable instruments.
    • To raise money by subscription or otherwise and to grant right and privileges to the members.
    • To do all such other acts, as may be conducive to the objects stated in the memorandum or to any one of them.
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